Price Good Market Inc.

We got an awesome review of our shop, by Andrew Russeth on his blog 16 miles of String!
AND, here’s a video to give you the idea. We are working on a poster book and a webpage so Price Good Market Inc. can live on!

Price Good Market Inc. Denise Kupferschmidt and Gina Beavers

with additional items created by Stacy Fisher, Amanda Friedman, Kyle Knodell, Elisa Lendvay, Saira McLaren, Sara Murphy, Stephanie Otto, Carolyn Salas and Jeffrey Tranchell.

  • St. Cecilia Gallery, (1st Floor) 21 Monitor St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Opening: Friday, June 3, 7-10
  • Open June 4, 5 & 11, 12-5
  • The Market will be open 12-5 and 7-11  Sunday, June 5th.

An element of the  Art Book Club Presents: show, this project is based on ‘The Shop,’ a creation of Tracy Emin and Sarah Lucas from the mid-90’s, which the Art Book Club read about in Gregor Muir’s book, Lucky Kunst.

Lucas and Emin created a makeshift bar/shop in London, where they sold small handmade items such as David Hockney buttons and Damien Hirst ashtrays, as well as t-shirts and more expensive works. They would hang out behind a make-shift bar and talk to people who visited and listen to records. These hang-out sessions eventually evolved into all-night parties and became a real center of energy and excess among their group of artists, friends and art world people.

Gina and Denise’s shop features works priced from 50 cents to $400, made by them, as well as their group of artists and friends. The installation, including their own make-shift bar will be open for the run of the show. You can find them behind the bar, listening to records and IPods on Sunday, June 5th, from 7-11pm.

2 Responses to “Price Good Market Inc.”

  1. I’m in – this looks awesome!

  1. 1 Video of the Art Book Club Presents: show, with music by Ice Machine and Swift! « Art Book Club

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