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Really thoughtful review of the #notmaking #meyouthem by Emily Nathan on Artnet! Scroll down and you can see the desk and set-up for the performance.

ALSO, here’s a little clip of the performance itself:


#notmaking #meyouthem is a zine-publishing performance by Gina Beavers, using Twitter to tell a story of connectivity and what the artist does in her studio when she’s not making art.

  • St. Cecilia Gallery, (2nd Floor) 21 Monitor St, Brooklyn, NY
  • 7-9 Friday, June 3rd, during the opening 7-10

Art Book Club Presents: a performance partly inspired by Bruce Nauman’s work from his early studio video pieces to his later ‘mapping the studio’ series, discussed in the excellent book,  Please Pay Attention Please: Bruce Nauman’s  Words edited by Janet Kraynak.

The instructions for the performance are:


I sit in a space at an Ikea table, in an Ikea chair with a pencil, half sheets of copy paper, an Iphone, a Mac, a printer, a copier, an extra-long stapler, extra staples, and several reams of white paper.

I record with pencil on the paper what I see, the people, the room, the interactions. I also record stray thoughts, feelings.

I write until something I’ve written sticks in my mind, or until I get bored or tired.

If an idea sticks in my mind, I will pick up my Iphone, launch my twitter ap and search the word or words that stuck and take a screen shot. I will also search the hashtag (#) for that word or words and take a screen shot.

If I get bored or tired of writing, I will go on and check either my twitter, facebook, e-mail or NYTimes aps and upon launching the ap, will take a screen shot. I may also choose to look at my pictures or read my recent tweets, and take a screen shot.  I may go on and read the article or surf facebook, and continue to take screen shots, but if I notice myself becoming self-conscious, I will go back to writing.

When I finish taking screen shots, or finish reading articles or surfing facebook, I will go back to writing and describing things I see in the room, and repeat this process for half an hour.

When the half hour is up, I will hook my Iphone up to my Mac, load the screenshots, and print them out in order, two screen shots to a page.

I will then count the number of people in the room at that moment, and make that number of copies of each page and use the extended stapler to create a zine. I will write the date, including year on the front and the title of the project and my name in permanent marker on the back.

When all of the zines are complete, I will give them to everyone in the room. If there are not enough, because the number of people in the room has increased, I will count and make more. If there are too many, I will hand them to people as they come in.

I will hand them to people in a smiling and friendly way.

Only when all zines are handed out, will I begin the process again from the beginning.

-Gina Beavers

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