Cowboy Mouth

(work by Jennifer Cohen)

Cowboy Mouth, curated by Carolyn Salas

Artists include: Inna Babaeva, Brent Birnbaum, Jonathan Butt, Jennifer Cohen, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Fawn Krieger, Lauren Luloff and Adam Parker Smith

Art Book Club Presents: Cowboy Mouth, curated by Carolyn Salasan invitation to explore human behavior; together the works of seven artists dissect vignettes of our private existences through investigative work. The show engages us with a spirit of improvisation and poetic language, elucidating artwork as a revelatory process, through which the artist engages the universal human struggle with loss-of-innocence and mortality. As a collection, Cowboy Mouth offers an opportunity for the viewer to consider art that seeks to open-up new meanings rather than be trapped by a specific rationale or plot.  By exposing their own drama and pretense the individual art works interrogate the meaning out of seemingly stale scripts through creative navigation. Each of the works acts on their own as a narration or portal from escape of the everyday – a stilled moment- a gesture.

Inspiration for the theme of the show came from the Patti Smith book “Just Kids” where the devotion, initiation and evolution of an artist is shown in its rawest form.  The title for the show Cowboy Mouth was borrowed from the Sam Shepard and Patti Smith play.

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