Art Book Club Presents:

  • St. Cecilia Gallery (21 Monitor St. Brooklyn, NY)
  • Opening: Friday, June 3rd, 7-10
  • Open June 4, 5 & 11, 12-5

Art Book Club presents: is three curated shows, a shop installation, a band performance, a zine-making performance, a mixer and four invited artist talks.

All inspired by what the Art Book Club does, which is read, hang-out in each other’s studios, talk, think, look and learn.

Also made possible by the generous intellectual contributions made by the following books:

Three Curated Shows:

Improbable Self: Notes from the Void, curated by Fran Holstrom

Black Sunday, curated by Saira McLaren

Cowboy Mouth, curated by Carolyn Salas

Shop Installation:

Price Good Market Inc. Denise Kupferschmidt and Gina Beavers


Ice Machine + Swift playing at the opening, June 3rd, 9pm

Zine-making Performance

#notmaking #youmethem Gina Beavers

Mixer and Artist Talks

Board of Ed  a mixer, and Artist talks by Holly Coulis, Ariel Dill, Jason Fox and Ian Pedigo, Saturday, June 11th from 4-7.

2 Responses to “Art Book Club Presents:”

  1. Thank you Joe and Crest Hardware for the generous donation of materials that will help us beautify the space!

    Crest True Value Hardware &
    Urban Garden Center
    558 Metropolitan Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Also check out Crest Hardware’s Art Show on June 18th from 1pm-7pm featuring art music and hardware. The best of all worlds!

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