New Book! Join us for the discussion!



Your (and our) summer reading assignment is My Ways by Rita McBride. Come discuss the book with us at Muelensteen Gallery on August 13th. We will be creating a follow up publication through Pilot Press referencing our (and your?) discussion of the book. Many thanks to the awesomeness that is Court Square for including us in this exciting project! Official info and links below!

• Monday, August 13 • 5-7pm • The Art Book Club

The Art Book Club invites the public to take part in a conversation about MyWays (Ways Books), a fictional novel by visual artist Rita McBride. Pulling together numerous artists, writers, and cultural thinkers to contribute “chapters,” all of which are set in the visual art world, MyWays culminates as an “accidental” novel that subverts our traditional ideas of narrative and literary genre while satirizing the sacred institutions of art and industry. The Art Book Club is a group of artists based in New York City who convene regularly to host member studio visits and to discuss art related texts, and includes artists Inna Babaeva, Gina Beavers, Stacy Fisher, Amanda Friedman, Elizabeth Hirsch, Fran Holstrom, Saira McLaren, Carolyn Salas, Emily Weiner, Letha Wilson.

Muelensteen Gallery

Court Square

Pilot Press

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