New Book and our very own Show!


While audio-books are kinda awesome, I feel like the reviews are a lot tougher without the actual book. So, our next book will be very much present, and visual! Jessica Stockholder! The book is Jessica Stockholder: Kissing the Wall by Nancy Doll and Terry Sultan. Our next meeting is June 19th.

We did have an April meeting, but no studio visit because we are in the throes of putting together a show! Here are the details:

  • The Art Book Club Presents:
  • Opening Fri., June 3rd from 7-10.
  • Also on view 6/4, 6/5 & 6/11, 12-5pm
  • St. Cecilia’s convent in Brooklyn (21 Monitor St)

We have three (!) curated shows planned as well as bands, a performance, a market, artist talks and a mixer. Tons of incredible artists involved! We’ve started adding pages for each element of the show to this blog. Check the links at the top!

And a big thank you to Joe and Crest Hardware for the generous donation of materials that will help us beautify the space!

Crest True Value Hardware &
Urban Garden Center
558 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


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