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We had a great discussion of a good/not so good book (Lucky Kunst by Gregor Muir) depending on which of us you talk to! To see some of the discussion, read our ‘Point, Counterpoint’ below: Fran and Gina weigh in. For our next meeting we will be reading, Richard Prince Untitled (couple) by Michael Newman. […]

by Gina Beavers Reading this book is a little like reading a really long People magazine, except without enough¬† pictures to make it completely titillating.¬† Not as much a tell-all as it advertises itself to be, the author mentions so many people in the YBA’s orbit that it’s impossible to retain all of them. And […]

The newest member of the Book Club, Fran Holstrom, writes: I was very excited to start this book and it is very engaging! The author fluidly describes the effects of a depressed economy and the gloom of London environs in the late 80s/early 90s. For example, on page 13, he writes about the East End, […]