Next Book! For October meeting: Lucky Kunst by Gregor Muir


Awww yeah! Changin’ it up a bit this month with what we’re hoping will be a gossipy, fast, titillating read! Gregor Muir’s account of the YBA’s in 90′s London. (YBA= Young British Artists: Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Douglas Gordon, Rachel Whiteread, etc..) So dust off ye old Pulp, Blur, Oasis records, and read along with us!!

One Response to “Next Book! For October meeting: Lucky Kunst by Gregor Muir”

  1. 1 Fran Holstrom

    I was very excited to start this book and it is very engaging! The author fluidly describes the effects of a depressed economy and the gloom of london environs in the late 80s/early 90s, for example, on page 13, he writes about the East End, “Here lay the ruins of shattered industry set in dark, foreboding Victoriana. As I word away the condensation from my top deck window, the outside world looked bleak and dead. It was getting colder…A worn out canal with muddy banks was strewn with splintered timber and abandoned long boats. Rats gnawed their way through the dripping arches in and around the old goods yard.”

    Throughout the book, Muir continues to describe the city, the property market, British politics and how his affected a shift for young artists in London. These strapping new grads made their own opportunities, on page 33, he describes two people who helped secure financing for artist-run shows, “Carl Freedman once told Kemble important it was to wear a suit and look the part in order to coax property developers into handing over keys t vacant property. Meanwhile… Persuading people to bike over some cash was the order of th day, and no matter how cheap it all seemed given that the rent was free, there wer still exhibition costs, such as construction of large white walls…Spurred on by each others enthusiasm…they had no money and nothing to lose.” It is really inspiring to read New York artist in 2010.

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